Beyond Compliance

The world has changed. The market has changed. People have changed. Today the business environment is no longer a cycle that terminates in production and profit. We have evolved as a society and the whole productive and consumer chain is also interested in how the organizations are producing and making profit.

In this scenario, IBP presents the World Compliance Conference. An international standard multiplatform event, with lectures from key players, debates, exhibition of products and services and courses that will prove to be the “One-Stop-Shop” of Compliance for the entire market.

The WCC will bring together specialists in technology, business leaders, professionals from various interdisciplinary areas, such as specialists in corporate governance, organizational culture, human resources, corporate communication, information security, risk management, Compliance management, auditing and much more.

Participate in this meeting with exchange of experiences, networking and technical panels, with unprecedented breadth in the world.

More information soon!